Gert Wessels studied at University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), graduated (with honors) in 2018. Lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In his daily practice he investigate the relationship between form and function. The result is a range of colorful objects in sprightly shapes. Organic, yet contrasting with nature through the chosen materials.

In his work he look for ways to let chance lead. Unpredictable shapes make the work recognizable, that’s why shape choices are quickly made. The shape is created in a volatile and reactive way by cutting and sawing in polyurethane foam. Then he capture the object using fiberglass and acrylic composite.

The process has no preconceived framework, the form continuously responds to the progress of the object. The form leads, not an underlying concept. Because of this he want to create accessibility in the work: when you look at it you are not hindered by frameworks or knowledge, but you are invited to look openly, leaving room for your own interpretation.